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10 Jewelry Trends of 2019 and How to Wear Them

Cheer is here! It’s 2019- a new year, a new beginning and we can’t wait to get our hands on all the show-stopping fine jewelry trends approaching. The 2019 runway shows have been filled with a lot of versatile and unique...

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Modern Coat of Arms engraving on rings

Heraldic art is a secular art that has become more and more popular over time, so that nowadays it is commonplace to have family crest made to engrave it on a signet ring. Traditionally it was the men who adorned this jewel, in the little finger of their non dominant...

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The Timeless Handcrafted Jewelry - A unique gesture of love

Have you ever been given a handmade “something” from someone? A small piece of origami from your daughter or probably a colorful birthday card from your best buddy at school- those might not be perfectly symmetrical but don’t you cherish them over all the store-bought...

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Mixed Metal Jewelry! The hottest trend of 2018 is here to stay

There was a time when women matched the colors of their clothes with their shoes, bags, nail paints and almost every accessory. That was also the time when it was considered downright taboo to mix different metals while designing or wearing a piece of jewelry. Under no circu...

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Color Therapy: A new perspective towards life

“Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”- Oscar Wilde Aren’t we all aware how powerful of a force are colors in our lives?  What can explain it better than the nature? A wise man quoted- “There are no li...

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